l-v-m-h said: Happy birthdayyyy hope you have a very good one!

My birthday was 2 days ago but thank you so much! Xx

kylienattors said: happy birthday, i hope you have a great day <3

My birthday was 2 days ago babe but thank you anyway❤️❤️

wepraisekylie said: Happy bday!! Youre so hot!:)

Thanks babe!

Anonymous said: happy birthdayyyyy :)

Thank you ❤️❤️

Anonymous said: Oh my god that anon was right your boobs are great! Where's your bra from because I need that in my life!

Hahahah well thanks! It’s from hunkemoller xx

queentopia said: Happy birthday 🎉 enjoy

Thanks doll! X

Happy birthday to meee ayee🎉

Anonymous said: That dress is so cool! Where is it from?

I know right? It’s from h&m and I believe it was €20 xo

Anonymous said: Sorry if I'm coming on strong or in a lesbiany way, but your boobs are amazing and I'm jealous because I have no boobs! Are you wearing a bra? I need a boob job to get what you have!

It’s fine girl! I am wearing a bra but it’s a push up bra, I just find them way more comfortable than for example a t-shirt bra. Oh and please think really good about getting a boob job babe xx

Anonymous said: I hve the same grey dress as you!

Awe yay! I didn’t buy it though haha